Our services

We specialize in the sanitation, deodorizing, and cleaning of all your trash bin receptacles. We also offer specialized high power,  high temperature, sanitizing, and power washing for specific applications. (If your company has a need for a large surface area high temperature pressure clean contact us for a consultation.)

Our goal is your safety and satisfaction. 

Environmentally friendly

We run an extremely environmentally conscience business killing up to 99.9% of harmful organisms hiding in your bin using only high temperature steam and water with an onboard water reclaiming system. We take the dirty (grey water) with us. It is not left on your driveway or sidewalk. When applicable in commercial operations, we use only environmentally friendly chemicals.

Clean, Sanitize, Deodorize

Trash cans are a filthy environment that breeds germs, bacteria, and undesirable smells. Cpl Clean and our proven bin sanitizing process will leave your trash bins safe, fresh, and germ free.

Your family first

Trash cans and the many contents placed inside can breed harmful bacteria and germs such as Salmonella, E Coli and Listeria. Just the weekly use of placing items such as diapers, meat, spoiled milk, or raw eggs can place your family at risk. We know how much we care about our family and you care about yours. Germs can spread very rapidly and we want to ensure your family is safe when they come in contact with your trash bin.


Cpl Clean will do a first time cleaning the week after your initial sign up on your scheduled regular trash day pickup, or the day after that.

Cpl Clean will send you a text message, or email, (your decision) reminding you the day before your scheduled trash pickup.

A text message, or email, (your decision) will be sent out alerting you of completed service.

Cpl Clean is not responsible for restoring cans back to original appearance. Cpl Clean is responsible for cleaning and disinfecting germs with high pressure 190 degree water. This kills up to 99.9% of germs.

Regular soap and water are not enough to get rid of the germs that reside in trash cans. The average hot water heater is set between 130 to 140 degrees. The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that bacteria are rapidly killed at temperatures above 149°F (65°C) Our Custom Cleaning rig runs an average temp of 190°F to get rid of up to 99.9% of the bacteria commonly found in bins keeping you and your family safe.

In many HOA’s that request neighbors keep cans in their garages, we recommend that all bins be cleaned at least once a month to keep down smells and boost sanitation. Also, families that regularly throw away food waste or families with young kids still disposing of diapers will benefit from monthly cleanings. We do, however, have many custom cleaning options available to fit whatever needs you may have.

All the wastewater from cleaning the bins is contained inside a tank on our custom trailer. We then take this water and dispose of it properly at a certified “grey” water dump location.

We have a custom route schedule that allows us to come the day of or after your Municipal trash pickup arrives, however we understand some trash could still be in your trash bin. Our operator will remove the trash from your bin and place it in a trash bag for you. We will then clean and sanitize your bin and place the bagged-up trash back in the trash bin.

Randy J

Wanted to say THANK YOU to Dustin at Corporal Clean. Tried him on two different jobs, 1 - our new home out in Stonebridge where he cleaned the entire outside including patio, driveway, and sidewalks. Came out like new. And second job was cleaning the awning on Pierre Plaza which was filthy with tree sap, pollen, and a few years of neglect. Although it is not good as new, it definitely looks so much better and happy with it as our tenants. THANKS! Dustin, I will be calling you again!!!.

John H

My family are big fans of Corporal Clean. They have been easy to work with and my trash cans have never looked or smelled better. I wish this service had been around years ago

Ken S.

This service is a welcome addition to my "utilities" budget. No more complaining from my wife about the smell of the trashcan! I watched as the automated high pressure steam did the job that would have taken me 30 minutes at least, and I didn't get any "trash water" on me.
Thanks and keep up the good work.

Randy L

Today I was given a demo from Dustin using the corporal clean trashcan cleaner/sanitizer. I was very impressed with how well it cleaned my trashcan. It had years worth of buildup and smells that seemed stuck. After one treatment, my trashcan was like the day it was dropped off. No more smells and inside and out clean. It was also very nice to see the enthusiasm of Dustin when explaining in detail how the machine works. Explaining how eco friendly the closed system is and how it keeps the "grey water" for proper disposal later. As someone who lives in a neighborhood with an HOA that requires trash cans not be seen. I keep it in the garage and this will help keep my garage from smelling like the trash. I highly recommend this service to anyone who doesn't like that smell in their garage or area where the cans are kept.
Thank you Corporal Clean!