About Us

CPL Clean is the new mission for two lifelong friends, both war veterans and both corporals in the military. One chose Marines and one chose Army. Both served in the Louisiana National Guard and now they have hung up their combat boots, picked up their power washers and activated once again to serve the citizens of Louisiana. They have a heart for Veterans and the goal is to grow this company into a business that puts Veterans back to work and gives them a purpose while doing the very thing we know Patriots love, Serving Americans.

Randy J

Wanted to say THANK YOU to Dustin at Corporal Clean. Tried him on two different jobs, 1 - our new home out in Stonebridge where he cleaned the entire outside including patio, driveway, and sidewalks. Came out like new. And second job was cleaning the awning on Pierre Plaza which was filthy with tree sap, pollen, and a few years of neglect. Although it is not good as new, it definitely looks so much better and happy with it as our tenants. THANKS! Dustin, I will be calling you again!!!.

John H

My family are big fans of Corporal Clean. They have been easy to work with and my trash cans have never looked or smelled better. I wish this service had been around years ago.

Ken S.

This service is a welcome addition to my "utilities" budget. No more complaining from my wife about the smell of the trashcan! I watched as the automated high pressure steam did the job that would have taken me 30 minutes at least, and I didn't get any "trash water" on me.
Thanks and keep up the good work.

Randy L

Today I was given a demo from Dustin using the corporal clean trashcan cleaner/sanitizer. I was very impressed with how well it cleaned my trashcan. It had years worth of buildup and smells that seemed stuck. After one treatment, my trashcan was like the day it was dropped off. No more smells and inside and out clean. It was also very nice to see the enthusiasm of Dustin when explaining in detail how the machine works. Explaining how eco friendly the closed system is and how it keeps the "grey water" for proper disposal later. As someone who lives in a neighborhood with an HOA that requires trash cans not be seen. I keep it in the garage and this will help keep my garage from smelling like the trash. I highly recommend this service to anyone who doesn't like that smell in their garage or area where the cans are kept.
Thank you Corporal Clean!